Vertical Takeoff For Your e-Commerce Business
Mature E-Commerce Marketplace Technology For Startups & Grownups



RateTag is an Industry Agnostic e-Commerce Marketplace platform for B2C or B2B applications. This technology enables e-Commerce companies to leverage best-in-class e-Commerce technology for enabling online transactions.

This technology is suitable for both Startup and Grownup e-Commerce companies. It has been heavily optimized for flexibility, scalability, cloud compatibility, funnel performance and speed.

We offer license for use of technology in various commercial forms - fixed annual license fee, equity, revenue sharing etc. are some models we work on. We are open to new ideas of strategic partnerships.

A demo of the product is available on request - please contact us for details.

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You can send us an email - or call us at 011-45680485, 45680486 for more details.